Marketing Truths

Marketing Truths

 Moving toward a more rational approach by examining some marketing truths.

One theme that stands out about  companies  is that most stumbled badly at some point before their more visible success.

The right marketing formula is often counter- intuitive.  What seems “obvious” is in many cases just plain wrong

Successful marketers solve problems.  If your product or service has achieved any level of success, it almost certainly solves a problem. Understanding the exact nature of the problem being solved is often the key to moving from modest success to great success

In marketing, the details are often key to success.

Marketing success requires a keen understanding of human nature.  The decisions people make about whether to buy particular products or services are often emotional in nature. Companies that succeed invariably help people feel good about some basic emotional issue–hope, fear, guilt, or greed, for instance–better than competitors.

Successful marketing strategies of similar companies may be quite different.            As noted earlier, there’s no single magic marketing bullet that works for all companies. This observation can even be applied to companies with similar distribution systems or in the same industry

Unconventional marketing strategies are becoming increasingly acceptable.            The days when a company could count on revving up demand for its products or services by simply throwing money into advertising are over .

Increasing numbers of successful entrepreneurs are extolling a simple 6 step marketing approach. Basically, it involves the disciplined use of unconventional, low-cost tactics to gain attention. Underlying the unconventional approaches used in six part marketing are two basic premises: distinguishing the company’s product or service from competitors and getting maximum value from each marketing dollar. The competition in nearly every market is so intense and the costs associated with entering the marketplace potentially so high that unconventional marketing approaches can be expected to gain increasing amounts of attention in the future.

Successful marketers understand the buyer’s perspective. It is essential for entrepreneurs to be able to view their companies and the products and services they offer from the viewpoint of prospective customers. This is never easy, nor can it be completely achieved because of the emotional involvement owners inevitably have with their customers, but it is an important goal to strive for.

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