Planning for Results in Advertising

Planning for Results in Advertising

Whether you are trying to measure immediate response or attitude advertising, your success will depend on how well the ads have been planned. The trick is to work out points against which you can check after customers have seen or heard the advertisement. Not planning for results in advertising means that you won’t have the feedback loop to manage changes to your marketing mix or to the advertisments themselves.

 Certain things are basic to planning advertisements whose results can be measured. First of all, advertise products or services that have merit in themselves.

 Unless a product or service is good, few customers will make repeat purchases no matter how much advertising you do.

 Many people will not make an initial purchase of a shoddy item because of doubt or unfavorable word-of-mouth publicity. The ad that successfully sells inferior merchandise usually loses customers in the long run.

 Marketers, as a rule, should treat their messages seriously. Humor is risky as well as difficult to write. Be on the safe side and tell people the facts about your merchandise and services.

 Another basic element in planning advertisements is to know exactly what you wish a particular ad to accomplish. In an immediate response ad, you want customers to come in and buy a certain item, or items in the next several days. In attitude advertising, you decide what attitude you are trying to create and plan each individual ad to that end.

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