SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

Performing a simple SWOT Analysis will help a firm understand it position in the market.



In terms of product strength, what are the distinct advantages the company has over the competition?    


How else is the product / service favorably differentiated from the competition?

In actual performance     
In quality and reliability     
In production efficiencies     
In breadth of line and / or options    


What are the company’s powerful marketing assets?    


What are the corporate strengths?

Financial resources     
Business Relationships     



What are the handicaps or weaknesses in the company’s products?    



What are the company’s corporate weaknesses?    


Other known threats include?    



List the identified opportunities for the company’s products for the next 3-5 years.    


Unexploited Opportunities

Can the current line of products and technological capabilities be leveraged effectively into other markets?  
  • Yes
  • No



If yes, detail.




Identify those threats to your business that may come from inside your organization.

Internal Threats    



Identify those threats to your business that may come from outside your organization.

External Threats    


Preventive Actions to Be Taken  


Other Comments and Insights:


Features versus Benefits Worksheet

Part 1 – List five main features of your product/service in the space provided, list the coordinating advantages that relate to the feature, and then convert those features and advantages into the benefits that customers/clients realize from using the product.

People buy benefits, nothing else!


Name of Product: ___________________________ [Make a sheet for each product/service]

Part 1


Feature Advantage Benefit
“The components of acompany, item or service

that yield an advantage &

a benefit.”

“The way a company, itemor service can assist in the

solving of problems or

fulfilling of needs.”

“The results/return acustomer can expect or

receive in: dollars, time,

etc.”  What’s in it for me!