Photography Art Blog

I’ve been a small business consultant and now am in retirement. I will be leaving my posts in the business categories up, you can still find them buy using the business categories. If your a photographer the posts you are looking for will be in the photography category. If you have a photographic business you might be interested in reading all 500 pages (156 posts) on the topic of business management. This blog will continue to have a few small business posts but most posts will be on the Art of Photography, and so the name change of Photography Art Blog. Here is the link to the Art Photo Gallery Website.

My photography blog has as its focus (pun intended) the art of photography and how it relates to the other arts as well as to images of my own and others that are what I call “art images”. On my Photo Gallery website you will find a page that discusses my equipment andĀ  why I have and use it. My belief is that almost any camera made today can be usedĀ for art photography when used with the right software (which is covered on the equipment page).