The Mechanical Aspect of Photography

Over the last 10 years I’ve spent many hundreds of hours on various “gear focused sites”, and about 60% of the information is golden and about 20% is neutral, and 20% is waste product. Over the last several years, I’ve started search for sites with great image galleries as finally the technical capabilities of digital have surpassed film. One of the main criticisms of photography early on was its dependance on mechanical tools, similar to the discussion of film is better than digital because it doesn’t depend on computers. The Mechanical Aspect of Photography is a vital part of photography but is no where near the most important part in my view.

One of theĀ  great things about the digital photography revolution is that the mechanical part of photography has gotten to the point where small cameras can produce images that it took a much larger camera only a few years ago to produce. In my opinion almost any current DSLR is better in resolution, contrast, and dynamic range than were 35mm film based cameras. If you want to be an artistic photographer, it is significantly more import how you see and envision than what you image with.

The people who first started imaging with the very primitive tools available to them had incredible hurdles just to get an image, and yet the tried to get the very best Artistic image as well. Photography by its nature is dependent on machines/computers to deliver its images, yet that mechanical aspect is in reality the smallest component of photographic art in my opinion. As someone on a forum once about those who buy the most expensive equipment hoping that it will make them a great photographer, “you can’t buy game”.