The Best Camera

The essence of the Kodak camera (1888) that made it The Best Camera is that it was affordable and thousands of people used it to create photographs. Today the best camera argument is always focused on the very expensive models. But for photography as an art, the best camera may be the low or middle level camera or the phone or even the lowly PS camera.

Equipment is but a tool, and still the most important part of photography is the vision of the photography. For me there are two ways to develop and increase my photographic vision, that is by seeing art in all forms and then imaging every chance I  get in a manner that is consistent with my point of view.

I have quite a few cameras and what determines which I use is not the cost of the camera but the subject matter and environmental circumstances of the shooting location. I often have a theme for the photo trips I take (long or short) and often the deciding issue on what camera do I use is my selection of lenses. While I won’t deny that certain technical aspects of certain cameras are required for very specialized imaging, almost any camera made today can image 85 to 90% of the potential images one wants to make.

Quite simply, The Best Camera is the one you can afford and use often to improve and create your art.