The Artistic Vision

For me, the viewing of art shows, visiting museums, and galleries has been a big part of developing my artistic vision. Online or Brick and Mortar, each has made a lasting impression. I have a collection of books from photographers that seem to share my sense of photographic art. Where I live in the rainy season, I spend time during that enhancing my perspective through viewing the art of others. Some may naturally have the Artistic Vision, but everyone can build one with effort and passion.

In the past I’ve often visited used book stores or the clearance tables at museums for “deals”. Even in the time of Amazon and the net, I seem to find books I really want at art museums. One series I would recommend for all is the modestly priced Aperture Masters series. Besides helping you find your artistic vision they are a mini history of the 20th century’s photographers. I will discuss some of my favorite photography vision books in a series of posts, but let me say that during a period in which I traveled frequently buying a photographic art book in each city became my treat for the plane ride home.

Start with your public library and then with art sites on the net. Use a critical eye trying to define what elements of the composition, color, perspective (lens) or monotone process that makes you want to let your eyes move through the image. Buy post cards for your work area so when you need a few second break at work instead of surfing you build your understanding of what you vision should be.