Digital Art – Some Thoughts


Digital Art – Some Thoughts that focus on the creation of works that are no longer photographs and that are not wholly created by hand. For this is where the intersection of traditional art and photography intersect. If you create something from something is that art? I find that the creations of images such as this one require thought and some expertise in the digital tools that are available. Yes, one can just use a filter and nothing else (leaving it at the default settings) and sometimes you get art, other times you get something less than art. What is the difference?

I think the definition is in the emotional impact and interest of the viewer (after all one person’s treasure is another man’s junk). Such things as merging photos and using the various artistic tools to create a vision rely on your knowledge of art and skill using whatever tools you have available is critical in developing an image that raises emotions and intellectual curiosity in viewers. But can one start with a photograph and using the digital darkroom create another type of art from it? Some people really dislike digital art, as do some photographers. But not me.

Creative art is not defined by how it is made but how it is viewed. I look forward to seeing the evolution of digital art and photography as the tools and the skills of the artist define new vistas.