Museums & Galleries – a place to learn

In the internet age, the concepts of peer review and knowledge about a subject are often not given the respect they deserve. In my opinion there are two convenient places to get inspiration and knowledge when you need a little “help” (motivation) – local art  galleries and museums. You must use judgment when visiting galleries as there can be a difference in the quality of art and in the expertise of the owners. Museums are likely to have more structure and the staff will have been vetted for expertise before hiring.

Take time to see the groups and how they are displayed, then envision how your work would fit in. What type of work would yours display with in a persons home. We all like to think that our art would be the center peace – but what if it isn’t? See how your art fits in the art world – that gives you the unique selling position of your art – and that tells you how to market your art. Understanding how people will place your art is very important and that is exactly what you can learn buy visiting galleries and museums.

Take some pictures (if allowed) and place an image of your art in the groups (Photoshop or otherwise) and see what the feel is. Understanding how your art relates to other pieces in the art world will help your artistic sense of place.