Follow Your Gut Feeling in Art Creation

Follow Your Gut Feeling in Art Creation

I recently traveled along Route 66 and found it a sad ride. When America built it Interstate highways, Route 66 which was once the way to cross America became a back road that few traveled. While artistically alive, you can sense the feeling that abandonment brings.

This was not a photographic trip as I with a friend whose shares another interest with me, so while he would stop if I asked, I am careful not to take every opportunity that presents itself.

But those scenes which evoke a strong reaction emotionally get the stop. If you don’t feel it don’t image it. I imaged in color but knew that they would end up as B&W Images, because like the depression era photographers’ images I think that B&W strips away all of the other information that can be noise in your minds eye. When I see a B&W that emotes a feeling in me, I know that the photographer captured the essence of that particular subject.

Here are two scenes that called to me:


I felt abandonment when I saw this house.

Ray’s Place

In the middle of nowhere, and only the owner and one gas pump where once people stayed to see the desert, eat and sleep.