Imagineering – a powerful process for the artist


Walt Disney created the concept of Imagineering and I think it is a powerful process for the artist to expand their creative process. We’ve all hit the creative wall and many have heard the phrase “thinking outside the box”. Well that’s great but how do you do it. You can check out the Wikipedia onĀ  Imagineering, but I’ll show you what it means to me as a artistic photographer. I do lots of standard landscapes, cityscapes, and wildlife imaging but when I think I am getting stale I turn to digital art to help me imaggineer better still images. I look at still images I have taken and try to develop an alternative reality for that image. I use a combination of Photoshop/LR and On1 software to create thisĀ  Imagineering alternative vision. Here are a few results of what I have done to refresh my standard vision.

The African Queen

A standard image that did not have the visual impact I thought it would turned into the African Queen through Imagineering. Copyright 2012, all rights reserved on all images

Down The Rabbit Hole

A simple Jack Rabbit image was nothing to see, but using Imagineering I saw Alice’s place

So the next time that brick wall stops your vision try Imagineering to help you scale it…..