The Artistic Burn Pile

The Artistic Burn Pile – is it a chain around your neck or a archive of ideas that just never fully developed?

If you are a 3d artist, 2d artist or photographer having a “burn pile” is imperative. A Burn Pile is where the bad, ugly, and half born belong. You don’t want a project to become a chain holding your creativity down ever time you see it. But should you cast that idea down the river Sphinx? Digital storage has made the decision to burn pile some so much easier. You can now create a digital image (by taking a digital photography of a dimensional item or just saving your bad images if you are a photographer). Storage is very cheap now and if some time you want to revisit something that has been destroyed physically or deleted from your active files if you are a photographer, all you have to do is look at your digital backup.This takes discipline and a management program like LightRoom – but in the end it will relieve the stress of dimensional artist who must physically destroy something because of the room an unwanted/unfinished project takes up or deleting a photograph off the disk drive to make space. Backup drives are inexpensive now and very large in capacity. Make a visual backup of your burn pile so you are ready for the moment when resurrection is needed.