Are you tripping on photographing when traveling?

I’ve found that my really fine images come when I am photographing things I know in places that I know. I shoot a lot fewer pictures when I am at places I know then when I am traveling. Why, because I don’t the light as well in a strange place, and often my attention is between excitement of being in a new place with friends or family and I shot more knowing that in the editing process I find things I don’t see when I am shooting in a hurry. I often will ride with a window down and shot (I know its a sin to image from a moving car – just kidding if light is good and you can use high shutters speed/ISO then you can get some interesting images from a moving car. What I can’t and won’t do when tripping with friends or family is let the setting turn me into the director of a movie no one wants to be in. However that doesn’t mean that you can’t turn on the electronic shutter and snap-a-way as you walk with out noise. If you are tripping this year and the trips purpose is not photography then act like a photo journalist – keep your intent hidden and when the chance comes shoots as fast as your camera allows. I am one that truly believes that artistic content is more important the pure technical quality of an image. So enjoy your tripping but in brief moments shoot like a mad person. Shoot from the hip, shoot from the dinning table at a sidewalk cafe, and even shoot when you are walking – fast wide angle lens help you here.

The one thing I do know, if you don’t learn to be invisible to the people your are tripping with your photography will be more of a burden than a welcomed guest along your path.

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