Creative Time

Creative Time is why knowing yourself is important. Our nature gives us a living rhythm. I find my most creative time is between sunrise to several hours after. While I am “out in the field” I have a different energy but for working with photographs or digital art, morning is my sweet spot. I find playing my keyboard for 30 minutes gets me in a creative, non-stressed mode. I know this because I have tracked how I think and how I create and I know this is my most productive time. I see my images differently in this time and new ideas flood my mind, after about 4 o 5 hours I can feel the creative energy leaving me – then I do something totally different away from studio. Outside is very good for me (working in the yard, down by the creek, or going somewhere and living). If you find your creative time, defend it from all but emergency intrusions. I often wear studio head phones to keep the outside noise, well, outside.

Treat your creative time as the import gift it is, use it wisely. Don’t let life intrude, if it does address the issue. If you have folks that like to “pop in” put a big sign on your door – “creative time – No Admittance – this means you!”

All time is precious for our journey is short do not squander creative time because you can’t get more of it in the long run.