Exploring the character of a Subject

How many images do you take of a still life or landscape? To really see the essence of a subject, if I can, I walk around it taking each view from at least three different heights and with a range of magnification from very wide to close-up. In wide shots I’m looking for the essence of the whole and close-up I’m looking for texture. Wide angle images are often helpful in establishing subject in relationship to its surroundings while close-ups reveal textures that bring you closer to understanding the subject.

The Peter Iredale was a ship that wrecked along the Oregon Coast in 1906, and the following images show how the difference in angle of view and how to frame with distance versus close-up help illuminate the character of a subject:

Establishing The Subject and Environment

A Close-up used to integrate the Subject and Environment

Close-ups used to establish the character of the subject: