Camera Art – two ways

As photographers we often face the question of “is photography art” (of course there is a huge amount of literature explaining why it is and a few that don’t think so, if you are one of the latter this is the wrong place for you). Here are two images, and I would argue that they are both art (but art is in the eye of the beholder) and one is highly processed and the other is straight out of the camera with standard adobe Lightroom processing.

I would say that each is an interpretation of reality that attempts to show a character of the represented scene/item that enhances the feeling of seeing each object. While “heroic” scale doesn’t necessarily make an image art, for those that are art it helps drive the impact of the feeling into a persons consciousness IMHO. On a 5′ foot screen these images do have impact for me. Time for you to judge these images yourself, and to think about photography as art:

Relection from the Pool

Art Deco Hotel