Texture in Photography

Texture in Photography is a mixture of contrast and sharpnexx

Texture in Photography is a mixture of contrast and sharpness

For me texture can be captured in photography and contrast, subject and sharpness are all key elements in creating an image that does have “texture”. Try different angles and in process be sure to work your levels/curves to bring out many contrast levels. your eyes will tell you when you have achieved the maximum level of “texture” in your creation. Always take several views of an item in which you want to show texture, as just a slight re-framing can make the difference.

Don’t let technology rule your art…..

I’ve seen so many people selling cameras that are less than a year or two old that I wonder if it impacts their creativity as find and purchasing a new camera does for me. If you are always looking for the next best thing to get the perfect image you won’t ever get full benefit out of your tools. The old saying “lens are forever” may not be quite true but in the long run lens offer more help in creative than successive generations of cameras. I find that it takes me several years to really get the most out of a new camera body, and I keep most of my bodies for 4 to 6 years. I use 3 bodies and thus I do get a new camera about every two years but I still have two bodies with which I am very familiar. For someone just starting I’d highly recommend getting a two or three year old camera and spend on getting 2 lenses. Often less is more if you want to concentrate on your art and not gear collection.