Creating Digital Art

Combining effects from different programs can be a creative advantage.

In creating digital art don’t be afraid to use effects from more than one program. For me it takes a combination of several tools like different filters or transformation tools to get the right effect. Don’t be afraid of using some of the stock art filters in conjunction with manual manipulation to create your art.

Colors and textures in Art Photography

Colors and textures in Art Photography set the tone.

One way to set tone in your art is to use Colors and textures in Art Photography. Many different programs allow you to modify your digital photography, the key is to apply your knowledge of the color wheel when developing the tone in the image. I wanted to convey a darker mood in this image and thus kept enhancing the earth tones in the image. When I was happy with the feel that the tones gave, I then added just a bit of texture to drive the over all dark feeling.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with Photographic Digital Art

Photographic Digital Art

If you are using programs like Photoshop or On1 don’t be afraid to use some of the more artistic tools. Take sometime to play with them and perhaps you will find an art tool that will mix well with your photographic sensibilities through Photographic Digital Art.

Artistic Tools found in software programs can help you create digital photographic art from your digital photographs.

The biggest payback of trying to create photographic digital art from your photography is that it will help develop your artistic point of view.