Texture in two dimensional art

Texture is perhaps one of the hardest effects to obtain in creating two dimensional art. I often use a technique called High Dynamic Range (the merging of several images to get a wider dynamic range than a single photo can provide). I then use some effects found in Perfect Photo Suite to finish the texture effect.¬†I’ve included¬† two examples of images that I believe show texture while only having two dimensions


Visualization vs Seeing in artistic photography

Photography unlike many other arts starts out seeing something that is real in the world. Seeing is using yours eyes to see what is in front of your eyes. Visualization takes place in the mind and for an artistic photographer, in my opinion, it should be done before the image is captured. Folks who use view cameras almost have to do this as there is no easy way to bracket or take in camera HDR images. I often have a purpose in mind when I image a subject – like a digital art image or perhaps a image that will end up on fabric or objects. This week’s example is of a car in a museum and how I silhouetted it for a color, B&W, and Digital art piece. While still a work in progress – final treatment of the background is not done – it is an example of thinking about the end art product. What angle should I image from for the most dramatic composition vs showing the whole automobile. Where do the reflectionss fall and how would it impact a commercial user or a specific art use.

The car in the museum

The silhouetted car in color

A B&W version

A Digital Art Version